All you need from a finance program and calculator

C4Finance is an extremely powerful and easy to use software calculator, which maintains new original conception of editing and calculations.

This unique top-level financial/business calculator with full graphic support will be useful for any business person. The C4Finance contains one of the most powerful Equation Solvers that quickly find solutions and carefully scans exotic equations. It even can detect break points of your equations. Graphics Explorer assists you to explore functions or find appropriate solution interval for the Equation Solver. Graphs worksheet let you organise graph view to see more than one equation at once.

Some of C4Finance's features include:

  • Time Value of Money worksheet

C4 is the quickest calculator in this worksheet, the calculation speed in the amortization schedule approximately 435 lines per seconds (HP17BII gives you 87 lines per seconds only).
  • Cash Flows worksheet

you can work with multiple IRR problems.
  • Break Even worksheet

calculate breakeven in accordance with tax rate.
  • Black-Scholes worksheet

let Dividend Yield include in your calculations in addition it shows your Delta, Theta, Rho, Gamma, Vega, D1, D2
  • Currency conversion worksheet

let you create your own currency list and stores convert rate between each couple of items.
  • Statistics Worksheet

works with 6 regression models, shows the entered dataset and equation graphically. Eleven distribution functions such as (probability density, cumulative probability density, inverse cumulative probability distribution, probability density for the Student's t distribution, Binomial, Poisson, Chi-Squared distributions and other.)
  • Calendar Calculation worksheet

inseparably linked from second to years. By using backward calculation you can plan your work time before the event X.



C4Finance 2.03